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In this episode, Mike Vladimer presents the 20-80 Rule of Big Data, which explains the key to extracting value from IoT. The 20-80 Rule shows that a compelling IoT product identifies and completely solves a user's problem. 

O'Reilly Hardware Podcast

In this episode of the O’Reilly Hardware Podcast, Brian Jepson and Jeff Bleiel speak with Mike Vladimer.
Mike discusses how Internet of Things devices could benefit from connectivity options such as the LoRa wireless protocol, which supports long-range and lower-power applications.
- February 2, 2017


The Hardware Entrepreneur Podcast


Balint Horvath and Mike Vladimer had an in-depth discussion on a framework for thinking about this important hot topic - violate it at your own risk. They’ll talk about examples as well, such as how IoT is different from a conventional device like a garage door opener. He’ll moreover outline the four elements of a successful product, discuss our feelings towards IoT products vs our phone.
Enjoy listening.
- March 15, 2017


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Building with LoRa


LoRa is an exciting new technology for communicating at Long Range, low power, and low cost. The IoT Studio developed this 3-hour quickstart project to promote the adoption of LoRa. To that end, the IoT Studio is supporting companies interested in LoRa by providing developer resources, donating hardware kits and by funding co-development.